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-ACI- is a multi-service organization that provides PunkBuster support and independent services to the gaming community. These services include banlist management based on streamed violations and log data as well as submitted PBSS screenshots. Taking it a step further, we use the data we collect and manage to provide a number of additional unique tools and resources to help our members and the gaming community maintain a clean and fun playing environment.

To start using -ACI- protection on your server, set up server streaming and apply for Streaming Admin membership. Streaming to ACI has many advantages:
  • Players in your server are logged into the -ACI- History Tool, where you can view player accounts and look for links to cheating accounts, reported screenshots, PunkBuster violation kicks, other player names used by the account, and more.
  • Players in your server found with cheats in their PunkBuster screenshots by our numerous PBSS "trollers" can be banned after being verified with your streamed logs.
  • Players in your server who are kicked due to bannable PunkBuster violations are immediately added to the -ACI- ban list by -ACI- LiveBans.
After your server has been streaming for 6 weeks, you can apply for Server Owner membership which brings additional tools and forum access.

For both Streaming Admin and Server Owner members we offer -ACI- LiveSecure, -ACI-'s state of the art game server anti-cheat protection service. LiveSecure automatically tracks PB violations, monitors suspicious players with -ACI- LiveWatch, implements ACI MD5/CVAR checks, and enforces bans using a master list of -ACI- and other anti-cheat community bans. Play in your server with confidence that no player is using a banned account. LiveSecure for Streaming Admins includes most of the features of the Server Owner version:

FeatureLiveSecure (SA) LiveSecure (SO)
Real-time ban list
LiveBans instant PB Violation bans
LiveWatch active watch list
LiveStats server statistics
LiveSecure server banners
Cross-game kicks
MD5/CVAR anti-cheat checks

If you do not have a server but want to be an active member of the anti-cheat community, you are invited to apply as a Private Member (membership requires an active gaming account in one or more of the games -ACI- supports).

News and other information are displayed below and in our forums. Please register and get to know the community.
Clan Management System (CMS) is operational
Jun 20, 2015 - 8:30 PM - by [soldier]-ACI-
The Clan Management System (CMS) is now operational.

The Clan Management System allows clan leaders to manage a list of Streaming Admin, Streaming Members, and Forum Members in a Clan Group. Streaming Admin members in the Clan Group will have access to the LiveSecure Control Panel information for their clan's servers. All Streaming Admin and Streaming Members for a clan should be enrolled in a Clan Group in order to meet their membership participation requirements. Forum Members who will be applying for ACI membership as part of an existing clan should be added to the appropriate Clan Group before submitting their membership application.

Clan Group members are able to remove themselves from the group if desired.

The Clan Management System control panel is located in your forum user profile, under Your Control Panel->Networking->Clan Group:

Creating a New Clan Group
Clan Groups can be created by Streaming Admin members who are not already part of another group. To create a new Clan Group, go to the CMS Control Panel and click Create New Clan Group:

An empty group with a default name will be created:

The forum user who creates the Clan Group becomes the group owner. Only the Clan Group owner can edit or delete the group.

Editing a Clan Group
The Clan Group owner can edit the group to change the Group Name or add and delete Members. To edit a Clan Group, go to the CMS Control Panel to show the Edit Clan Group panel.

Changing the Group Name
To change the Group Name, click Edit to the right of the name to unlock the Group Name field:

... [Read More]
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AAPG Opt-in Tests
Jun 10, 2015 - 6:38 PM - by Fragnader
The test begins Friday 12 June 2015 at 0900 CDT and ends Monday 15 June 2015 at 0900 CDT

Not sure if many here have been keeping tabs on it, but AAPG has been having somewhat regular Opt-In tests. If you've never tried an OptIn I would encourage you to do so. There are a lot of new features, better graphics, a new sound engine and much more. More information can be found here:

Opt-in Test #4 Available June 12-15
June 10th, 2015

What’s New

Fullscreen borderless windowed (fullscreen windowed) mode now supported, can be enabled in video settings
Art added for achievements so you will see them pop-up when you earn an achievement
Some weapon optics are locked until you earn them
Fixed an issue where a kill during the last second of a round would not count and time expired instead
VOIP labels now visible when on the loadout screen
Grenades equip animation tweaked to be quicker and responsive
M1911 rate of fire increased; reload 0.2 seconds slower
Downed characters and weapons now have a slight flash effect applied to them once they are interactive (i.e. the player is close and looking at them); the hope is this will help in those situations where several characters and/or weapons are in close proximity and it is not clear which one will be interacted with the use key
Updated scoreboard – still in-progress

Audio changes
Occlusion/Obstruction changes to Downtown, Slums & Harbor Assault
Adjusted ambient sounds in Hospital, Redline & Slums
New UI Sounds and adjustments to existing UI audio
Adjustments to Tactical vs. Nontactical footsteps
Adjustments to dialog, weapon, footstep, and grenade attenuation settings
Set up new attenuation tails for weapons
Changes to wood and metal footsteps to more closely reflect a previous build where
... [Read More]
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BF3 Violation #51048 Bans Removed (partial)
Jun 10, 2015 - 5:35 PM - by [soldier]-ACI-
Pursuant to the announcement by Even Balance regarding Violation #51048 for BF3, 25 bans due to that violation issued after 2015-05-31 have been removed from our BF3 ban list.
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History Tool enhancements
Jun 08, 2015 - 7:50 PM - by [soldier]-ACI-
ACI is committed to providing our members with the most advanced and comprehensive player research tools available in the anti-cheat community. Today we are again fulfilling that commitment with some major enhancements to the ACI History Tool. These upgrades will give our members access to more complete information when doing player research.

Account History page
There are two new features for the Account History page:
  • A new Related Accounts section

  • Cross-game support for the Shared IP Accounts section

Related Accounts
The new Related Accounts section is a cross-game list of accounts linked to the player account by means other than IP address. The Link Type column contains one of the following types:

GUIDThe account is linked though a direct GUID match (BF3/BF4/MOHW), or GUID correspondence (AAPG/AA3).
XREFThe account is linked through the LiveSecure BF3/BF4/MOHW to BFH cross-reference. This link is only available if the player has played both sets of games since cross-reference data started being collected (2015-05-21).
FORUMThe accounts are linked by GUIDs contained in the player's ACI forum profile from membership applications or ban appeals.
BGSTAFFThe accounts have been manually linked by the ACI BG Staff.
Shared IP Accounts
The Shared IP Accounts section now displays IP address matches through all supported games. A new Game column has been added to the listing to differentiate the accounts. All links are active to their corresponding game databases.

Login Compare page
Cross-game support has been added to the Login Compare page:

... [Read More]
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